About Us

The North Hawaii Outcomes Project (NHOP) is a project of The Earl and Doris Bakken Foundation and works to support existing and future efforts to improve the health and quality of life in North Hawaii by developing a common useful community health profile.  The purpose of a community and Hawaii County health profile is to clarify common goals and to both track and facilitate community  health improvement.   NHOP uses the Institute of Medicine model for profiling the health of a community. The Institute of Medicine Community Improvement Process (CHIP) serves as the model for linking community health data and improvement.


Hawaii County  leaders, community groups and individuals have access to and use credible, objective health data to improve health and healthcare for the residents of and visitors to Hawaii County.


The mission of North Hawaii Outcomes Project is to facilitate improvement of the health and quality of life in Hawaii County by providing useful and credible community health data.

Our Role

  • Preparing and analyzing a Community Health Profile,
  • Identifying critical health issues,
  • Partnering to catalyze collaboration for improvement,
  • Identifying evidence-based strategies for improvement, and
  • Monitoring outcomes and progress.


Our Goal

Improve the health and quality of life for the people of North Hawaii and Hawaii County.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Broad definition of health
  • Shared responsibility
  • Realistic assessment of where we are now
  • Engage those who care – be inclusive
  • Learn from others
  • Inventory existing resources and assets
  • Look to science to find what works
  • Listen to community wisdom
  • Measure and celebrate progress

Who We Serve: We provide and /or publish data for a broad cross-section of the community; nonprofits, government agencies, media, community associations and businesses and all stakeholders with an interest in health  and healthcare in Hawaii County.

Where We Get Our Data: We collect and compare data from a variety of sources to provide an accurate picture of Hawaii County and Hawaii State.  Source examples include the *U.S. Census Bureau, *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, *U.S. Economic Census, *Hawaii Department of Education, *Hawaii Health Information Corporation, *Hawaii Department of Transportation, *Hawaii Department of Health and *Hawaii County. We strive to update data as soon as new information becomes available, and we cite the sources for all of our work.

How We Are Funded: The North Hawaii Outcomes Project is supported by the Earl & Doris Bakken Foundation, donations to the Foundation and grant funding from the State Department of Transportation’s Safe Communities Grant.  Thanks to this support, we are able to make data about North Hawaii and Hawaii County available. We continue to seek funding partners who value our contribution to the community.  For more information, please contact  Sharon  Vitousek, M.D. at (808) 887-2425. Location of our office

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