Traffic Safety

Improving Traffic Safety is a shared responsibility.

In 2001, North Hawaii Outcomes Project (NHOP) identified that the annual death rates from motor vehicle-related crashes in North Hawaii and Hawaii County were nearly three times higher between 1990-2000 than the State rate. Further investigation through the Department of Health Injury Prevention Division, confirmed that Hawaii County motor vehicle-related death rates were disproportionately high and that there was no known multi-disciplinary existing effort to reduce the high rate.
NHOP then facilitated a meeting with key stakeholders to present the disturbing data and engage collaboration to improve. This prompted the formation of a committed team known as the Motor Vehicle Crash Reduction Group (MVCRG).

The data is clear that too many innocent victims die from traffic crashes on Hawaii County roads. Drunk driving is responsible for more than half of the traffic deaths in Hawaii County. Impaired driving deaths and injuries are 100% preventable. Reducing deaths from impaired driving is a shared responsibility of:

Traffic Safety

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  • Hawaii County – Department of Public Works


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