Health Data

North Hawaii Outcomes Project has collaboratively produced various publications designed to serve as tools to help raise awareness, and help organizations focus their efforts on collaborative and effective interventions.

Health data helps collaborating organizations understand where our community is healthy and where improvements are needed. Health data helps increase awareness of critical issues, mobilizes resources for improvement, and tracks progress. The health data that NHOP collects and analyzes will be presented in two categories: demographics and health status by developmental life stage.

  • Demographics data looks at population growth, visitor growth, vehicle and registered driver growth, travel time to work, age, education, income, poverty, and ethnicity.
  • Health Status Life Course data is organized into a life course framework in order to encourage analysis and collaboration around life stages: mothers & infants, children, adolescents, adults, seniors, population, and overall life expectancy.  It is hoped that presenting data by life stage will facilitate dialogue by stakeholders and will eventually include dialogue on protective factors, risk factors, evidence-based strategies, existing resources, and priority interventions.

Additional Resources

  • County Health Rankings for Hawaii County
  • Resource: The Guide to Community Preventive Services developed by the Center of Disease Control is an excellent resource for evidence-based strategies ( In addition the Search Institute provides valuable information on evidence-based protective factors, or assets, for youth (

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