Access to Care Report 2011

Access to healthcare has a big impact on population health.

Executive Summary

Recommendations to Improve Access

Recommendations to Improve Measurement of Access

Access to Healthcare Problem in Hawaii County

  • More uninsured
  • Fewer physicians per population
  • Large gap between supply and demand for physicians
  • Older physician workforce in Hawaii/fewer young physicians

Impact of Access Problem in Hawaii County

  • More residents without personal doctor
  • More residents with no doctor visit
  • Lower rates of preventive screening
  • Fewer mothers receiving prenatal care
  • Fewer women screened for breast cancer
  • Fewer residents screened for colon cancer
  • More hospitalizations for diabetes.
  • Higher all causes death rates.
  • Higher cardiovascular death rates
  • Higher overall cancer death rates
  • Higher infant mortality rate
  • Lower life expectancy

More Vulnerable Populations in Hawaii County

  • More residents in poverty and more children in poverty
  • More native hawaiians in Hawaii County
  • More native hawaiians in North Hawaii

Current Federal Designations of Provider

List of Figures

  • Appendix A: Healthy People 2020 goals for access.
  • Appendix B: References

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