Community Health Profile Report 2010

Hawaii Island Health Report: Poor Health, Poor Access to Healthcare

Sharon Vitousek, M.D., North Hawaii Outcomes Project
Released May 1, 2010

  • How healthy are we in Hawaii County?” is one of three key questions addressed in the recently published Community Health Profile 2010, Health…it takes a community.
  • The second key question, “Why is the health of Hawaii County worse that the State of Hawaii?” is addressed by reporting data using the Institute of Medicine framework for population health, which includes: social and economic determinants, health-related behaviors, and health systems.
  • The third key question addressed is, “What would help most to improve the health of the people of Hawaii County.” The report suggests the need to strengthen collaboration to address the underlying social, economic, behavioral and health system causes of the health disparities.

Full Report
Executive Summary
Background on Community Heath Measurement
Background on Social and Economic Determinants of Health
North Hawaii Vision for Healthy Community
Access to Care
Preventive Screening
Health Status Framework
General Well Being
Life Expectancy
Progress and Recommendations
Appendix A Proposed Indicators
Appendix B HP2010Indicators
Appendix C Figures Acknowledgments

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